Behind This Blog

Making an odyssey because c’est la vie.

Behind this blog is an ambivert lady who loves beaches, summer, rain and sweets. Know more about her below.

Working as IT SD Analyst here in Cebu, Phil..
Stay tuned as I continue to unveil my ideas, opinions and creativity in my blog.
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I love designing; it is my way of expressing whatever my mind thinks is creative.
I love playing billiards; because that’s the only game I win and can beat my boyfriend. :D
I love swimming; because I forget all the bullshits in this world.
I love beaches; thalassophile. Beaches and seas always have that soothing power to communicate with me.
I love rain; pluviophile. It heals whatever’s damaged within.
I love black; NO. MORE. WHYs. fin :)
I love reading; because I love picturing the scenes in my head rather than watching it in a movie. I’m not fond of movies, btw. :p
I love writing; it is my bestest friend in this traitor world.
I love sleep; who doesn’t? :p
I love Stick-O; my comfort food. Yum!
I love porridge; it heals me, well somehow heals me when I’m sick.
I love coffee; because I just love it. :p
I love my mother; because she’s a wonderwoman and she cooks really reallyyy GOOD foods! :)
I love my father; because of him I grew up not so girly, he is my first and forever idol! :)
I love my brother; he does what I love to do because it is his passion- I can see myself to him. And he mixes good EDM too! :)
I love my boyfriend; he is my buddy, best friend, enemy, my all around buddy and my blessing. :)
I love my bestfriend; she is my twin, she knows what I feel without me telling her. She’s my boyfriend in a woman’s body. :)
I love my friends; they are just everything in this world. They are a family, enemy, boyfriend rolled into a batch of crazy people.

Go to my blog. Click HERE.


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