Is this a writer’s block? I guess yes. 1. Can’t think of any good title 2. Don’t expect anything on the body of this post as I can’t think of anything to write here.

Planning to take a few days off from writing and I think as soon as I’m done writing this I’m off to give in and enjoy my hiatus because seriously my mind’s not working at all and I think I am completely consumed by writer’s block again (but of course this will just be a few days off). It seems like everything inside this head’s already squeezed out. But will deffo show you some photos we took in Bantayan’s version of The Ruins. Hahaha! Some of you might agree some of you might not but this reminds me of The Ruins in Bacolod. ☻


Leaving you with these for now. See you in my next post, yeah? And I swear by that time I’m completely over this writer’s block. Hehe.



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