Be Yourself, Forget The Rest

I know I am not the only one who is struggling on getting a name on their blogging career but I realized there is no easy way up. Everyone has to start somewhere. So there is no rule, no “the perfect way to be successful” but just to be yourself and forget the rest. We don’t have to be like others just because they are good at something we want. We don’t have to do whatever they do just because they are getting attention from it. We are an art of our own, they are an art of their own and no one in this world (even the twins) are made to be the same, they might be alike but never the same. Because in this world we are unique in our own little or big ways. We have something that others don’t have. We always have an edge to something or from someone.
To those who are being so tight to their selves- Hey! Loosen up! I was once in your shoes, but then reality hit me. Dwelling on something like that wont help, instead do something to get you out of the situation. Be you. Give yourself a chance, give yourself the art that you deserve. Because in this world (sometimes) it is best to not blend in, stand out instead.


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37 thoughts on “Be Yourself, Forget The Rest

  1. Claire, you are so right about this. It’s so hard not to make people big and God small. We care what passing people on the street who glance at us once think! I always need reminding that success is NOT trying to please everyone and be someone you’re not. Thanks for this mornings inspiration.


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