So, Where To?

When I go out, whether just to chill out, dine out, lunch out with friends/family, or to date my man. I always make sure that I am at my comfiest clothes. I hate dressing just to impress anyone. I donโ€™t care if I am only wearing the simplest apparel, as long as I am comfortable wearing it, then I am so much fine with that.
68ee-1dc9-9133-cb4cย My usual โ€œwhere toโ€ get up, is just a t-shirt, short/leggings and slippers/sandals. I always go out wearing black. I really find wearing black t-shirt of any sort so comfortable, pair it with shorts or leggings. It just never gets out of style; it goes well with everything. As for my bottom wear, I really prefer leggings or shorts because they are very light, they wont choke your legs like how those skinny jeans do. For my footwear, Iโ€™m not really fond of shoes since my feet get wet easily, so those open sandals and slippers are my fave. Before, I see to it that I have pockets since I donโ€™t like bringing bag, I just hate carrying a sack while Iโ€™m walking or while Iโ€™m enjoying roaming around. Not until I found this bag that I really really like, bought it from Parisian at SM City Cebu, itโ€™s a string backpack bag, that I now use when going out.

Hope you weren’t bored while reading this post!
You, whatโ€™s your โ€œwhere toโ€ get up? Feel free to leave a comment!





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