If thereโ€™s to blame(aside from me) in taking over my wallet sometimes, it is the online shops. Feel me, girls? I know you do!

For the past few days, Iโ€™ve been online shop hunting for some stainless steel jewelries, now you know why the title of this post is ANASTASIA STEEL(E). Lol. I almost gave up since I canโ€™t find cheap online stainless steel shops that are based in Cebu, but I guess I was just so lucky that night that before I head over to dreamland, a lady from our company sells Stainless Steel AND it is so much cheaper compared to other online shops.
Click here to visit her page.
Thin Bar Stainless Steel
ย Mini 3D Heart Stainless Steel

I like everything thatโ€™s cheap but never compromises its quality. For jewelries, I am referring to Stainless Steel.
ย If you want a cheap yet quality tested jewelries, you should go for Stainless Steel.
Why? It doesnโ€™t fade nor tarnish. It is an alloy that can handle a lot of wear and tear; this means, in terms of wearing jewelry that goes through a lot of use everyday, Stainless Steel lasts quite really longer- longer than silver and gold. It requires less maintenance because itโ€™s naturally sturdy, easy to clean and requires minimal care. And most of all, itโ€™s so sooo cost-friendly.

Bye broke days (hopefully. Lol), I can now be fab and elegant without over budgeting because Stainless Steel got my love for jewelries.



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