23 Awesome Years

Last 04/16/2016 I finally turned 23. I’ve been graciously messing up for the last 23 years of my life. I’ve been to shittiest situations, overwhelming compliments and all the paradoxes in life. It’s been indeed a hell of a ride for 23 years, but I never felt ungrateful for it, even for a sec..

I am now facing the not so fairy tale world, the not so calmed world and the not so charmed life, life at 23 is more on a battle. A battle where you either live your life or life leaves you. It‘s more on being wise in decision making and setting your priorities straight and right. I still got a big room for mistakes and make it right, and I am not really afraid to commit any of those mistakes so long as I still have my self backed up.

To those people who’s been with me and against me for the past years, thank you! Thank you for whatever you’ve done for me, it made me who I am now. I might not yet where I dreamt of, but at least I am where life plays pretty good. But this is for sure, I’m getting there; it might still be a long way to go yet, but I am getting there.

To all who celebrated and still about to celebrate their 23rd birthday, happiest birthday!
23 is just a number, feel free to be young at heart! ♥

P.S. Thanks to my mother who cooked really good foods. Thank you for continuously cooking my fave foods! :* I love you!



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