Eyes Cream

For a moment I thought I was in Middle East. Kidding. Lol.  I just can’t open my eyes without my sunnies, it is just too hot outside. Anyway, like other people, in times when it seems like the sun is punishing you for doing something you don’t know ‘coz it’s just too hot, you wanna drink or eat something cold- ice cream, ha!


I’m honestly not into ice cream, but that doesn’t hinder me on not having my faves. I love Selecta’s coffee crumble, & cookies ‘n cream and because I’m not somewhere where Selecta Ice Creams are being sold I’m adding something new on my fave list for ice creams it’s Gelatissimo’s caffe and kitkat :)


It’s been like 2 years? Since I last have myself here and muse on things.
What I love about this place is the over looking sea, and the demeanor it gives to people, despite the fact that it’s located inside the mall and a lot of passers by outside since beside Gelatissimo are some restos.


If you reached this part reading this post, many thanks ‘coz as much as I like to make this post longer, my mind is too drained that there is nothing to be squeezed anymore.


Anyway, what’s your fave flavor in ice cream?




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