Eat Out | Siam

So someone’s leaving and eating out before he leaves is a good thing to bond.

We wanted to eat somewhere outside the mall, but since it rained we ended up eating at ATC. We don’t have any resto in mind to have our lunch but we swore to ourselves that we’re gonna go somewhere we never eaten to, so we roamed around and tadah our feet brought us to this Thai Resto- Siam.

Thai foods remind me of Filipino cuisine they taste so much alike, it reminds me of home cooked foods, well nothing beats real home cooked foods tho, aside from you don’t have to get money from your pocket, it’ll surely pamper your tummy. Nomnom

So he’s gonna leave(for the mean time) and I’m not, never going to say goodbye coz I’ll be seeing him very real soon.

Eat. Sleep. Eat. REPEAT. Who feel me? ;)




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